At Loveyourself we always try to adapt to the client, to their social and economic situation.

We believe in health as a universal human right and regret that such preventive measures (nutritional advice and exercise) are not yet implemented strongly enough in our national health care system. The rates you will find here are the standard ones but we are open to consider special cases such as knowledge exchange. In fact, we regularly provide free consultations to people who deserve it but would not be able to afford it due to their financial situation.

Our main goal is for people to improve their health through proper nutrition and physical exercise. In most cases this means changing the person's lifestyle.

Lifestyle change is NOT an easy process. It requires motivation, perseverance and the full knowledge that these efforts will lead to an improvement in the quality of life. This being so, it is very important to "not to waste time"and make each of these efforts work. Everyone's lifestyle is different and nutrition and exercise should be adapted as much as possible to our routines so that we do not find it difficult to follow them. That is why personalisation of the whole process is essential. We firmly believe in this and that is why we work with the methodology that you can consult at How do we work?

Nutritional advice

TargetTeach you to be self-sufficient when it comes to food. Reflect on your eating habits and define the most appropriate diet and the one that best suits your rhythm and lifestyle to achieve your goals.

Nutritional counselling can be carried out in person at Barcelona (Spain) or through Skype if you are unable to come to our surgery. The rates are the same in both cases.

Who it is aimed atPeople who are overweight/obese, thin people who want to gain weight/muscle mass, pregnant and pre/post-partum women, people with illnesses that can be improved with a correct diet (hypertension, diabetes, obesity, hypercholesterolemia,...).

It includes:


Initial visit
  • +50€ for a follow-up visit
Initial visit
  • +80€ for a follow-up visit


The virtual consultation service after the first 3 months is OPTIONAL and costs a fee of 25€/quarter.

*Excluding weekends and national holidays in Spain.

Couple Pack

The requirements to access this pack are: 

  • Being a partner (the combination is up to you) 
  • You must come together to the consultation (same day and time) 
  • You are going to cook the same (i.e. everyone will eat the proportions that correspond to their target but the menus will be common). 

If the couple breaks up at any time, the rates will be changed to individual rates. 

It includes:

1) Anthropometric study

2) Nutritional study 

3) Preparation of 5 complete personalised menus

4) Access to the 3-month virtual consultation

The virtual consultation service after the first 3 months is OPTIONAL and has a cost of 25€/quarter/person. 

*Excluding weekends and national holidays in Spain. 

* If the couple breaks up at any time, the rates will be changed to individual rates.

The virtual consultation service is OPTIONAL and costs €25 per 3 months.

The price of the first consultation in Normal rate including 3 months free of charge access to the service.

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